Blizzard Increases Difficulty On WoW Mobs


Posted June 7, 2007 - By jmanalang

"WTF?! GTFO!? I thought we totally uber PWNed this encounter?!"

Hardcore raiders of World of Warcraft, that may soon your reaction when Blizzard increases the damage output of virtual mobs in some of the game’s boss encounters. The decision is a response to a WoW guild already conquering the game’s latest raid content that came in a patch update just two weeks ago. European guild Nihilum has already conquered the Black Temple and slaying one of the most significant and terrifying figure in Warcraft lore, Illidan Stormrage (ZOMG!).

Aside from snagging the prestige ‘world first’ kill on Illidan, Nihilum also snagged up epic loot-one of them being a legendary sword called Warglaive of Azzinoth. The sword is part of a set of two which Illidan himself wielded. From the looks of how this virtual goody looks like, it’s GG for anyone who gets sliced by it.

Another guild, Curse, is closely finishing the Black Temple as well. One of Blizzard’s game designers, Daelo, said that the difficulty tweak is also based on the demand of a greater challenge by guilds rapidly progressing through the game. Great. As for us casual players, even stepping at the doorstep of the Black Temple might not even happen (Anyone for a Shadow Labs run?).

Wired: Blizzard Makes Internet Monsters Harder To Kill

GameTab: Illidan Slain, Legendary Item Found

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Blizzard Increases Difficulty On WoW Mobs


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