Doc Sez: Leave Your Va-jay-jay Alone!


Posted May 25, 2007 - By Dana Leahy

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, what do we have here?

Doctors are speaking out against an alarming trend in medicine--vaginal plastic surgery.

Removing the fur bikini not enough? Apparently not! Turns out, some of you are spending your hard earned dollars to transform your perfectly fine bread baskets turned into coveted Longaberger baskets by going under the knife.

The medical community is concerned, because anytime you start fooling around in the mine shaft with scalpels and lasers, you run the risk of disfigurement, loss of sensation or the death of your beloved canary.

You might think, considering all of that, girls would have to have a pretty good reason to go through with having their Private Benjamins surgically coiffed. Some of the woman cited the inability "to take communal showers and ride a bicycle comfortably."

Yeah, right. Sure, experiencing mild chaffing on The Ride for MS is enough. Face it: you feel the same way about your O'Keefe painting as you do about your apartment: You want it to look really great even though most of the people who come to visit are ugly and stuck up.

Breitbart: Top medical journal blasts "designer vagina" craze

Doc Sez: Leave Your Va-jay-jay Alone!


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