EXCLUSIVE Video: Jobe on 'Warhawk'


Posted May 4, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Dylan Jobe is our kind of guy. When he sits down for an interview, he tells the truth, no matter what it might be. In the case of his interview with our very own X-Play regarding the PS3 game Warhawk, that truth is that they abandoned the single-player portion of the game because it just flat out sucked.

Yep. The designer of the game admitted that some of what he was working on was a big pile of crap, and that's admirable, since everyone in this industry is content to polish their turds until they seem important.

But that's not all. You see, Jobe told G4 all there was to know about Warhawk, including how it stacks up with the classic war games of the past, all about the innovative 'Zone' game mode, and what the multiplayer experience of this all-terrain combat game might be like.

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If he's willing to tell the truth about the bad parts of the game, you have to assume that the parts of Warhawk that he's proud of will be totally rad, don't you? We do.

For more insider videogame talk and exclusive footage, watch tonight's X-Play, 8PM ET, PT.

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EXCLUSIVE Video: Jobe on 'Warhawk'


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