'Die Hard 4' Goes PG, Willis PO'd


Posted May 3, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Yippee Ki-Yay, Motherf***er. It's one of the most recognizable lines in film history, and, if the producers of Live Free Or Die Hard had their way, would have been excised from Die Hard. Yes, the wimpification of our society continues as the producers of Live Free or Die Hard are pursuing a PG-13 rating, instead of the R rating that the other three films have gotten, and Bruce Willis is pissed.

And rightly so. It's going to be awful hard to return to form if you're going to turn the movie into something that's even remotely family-friendly. And why the change of heart? Because they're trying to broaden the appeal of the Die Hard franchise to include a teen audience. Because teens have been just dying for a new Bruce Willis movie.

What they should realize is that the majority of the Die Hard viewing audience are people who started watching the series in the mid-80's, and aren't likely to be a bunch of teens who are going to see a, let's face it, aging movie star in a franchise that won't mean anything to them.

Of course, film executives are often shortsighted about what people might like to watch at the theater, and are surely behind the times when it comes to 'protecting' teenagers from sex and violence. At any rate, they've appealed the the younger crowd by adding Justin Long to the cast. That should be enough, shouldn't it?

Dark Horizons.com: Willis Upset "Die Hard" Goes PG-13?

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'Die Hard 4' Goes PG, Willis PO'd


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