Skype and Intel Say: Call Your Mother

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Posted May 2, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

This is cool: Intel and Skype are teaming up to offer you free calls to your mother on May 13th, Mother's day.

That's unlimited SkypeOut calls to landlines or mobile numbers that originate in the US or Canada for 24 hours.

This initiative builds on our efforts to establish Skype as a standard for Internet communications, said Don Albert, general manager and vice president of Skype North America. The PC is central to the way consumers and business users connect and collaborate with one another. Were delighted at how well Skype runs on PCs and laptops featuring Intel Core 2 Duo processor technology.

We don't know about all that marketing mumbo-jumbo, but call your mom. You really should. We're not trying to guilt you into anything, but the woman gave birth to you, and she doesn't ask for much. It would mean a lot to her is all we're saying.

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Skype and Intel Say: Call Your Mother