Britain Declares War On Cheese


Posted May 2, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

We don't see what's so "great" about Great Britain. They seem largely sucky to us. First, there's the glimpse of America's future we get from the island nation's status as a failed empire, then there are the teeth, and now this cheese thing.

The U.K. has decided to ban the advertisement of cheese from all children's programming. The British TV regulatory agency classified cheese as "junk food" and prohibit its advertising during cartoons and whatnot.

Now the cheese makers are cheesed off:  A cabal of cheese professionals accused the Government and “its renegade agencies without portfolio” of damaging the image of cheese and hampering future growth of the cheese market, worth £3 billion a year.

When cheese is outlawed, only outlaws will have cheese. The terrorists, as they say, have won.

 Times Online: TV ban is hard cheese for dairymen

Britain Declares War On Cheese


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