Samsung NV7 & NV10 Digital Cameras


Posted April 27, 2007 - By Josh Lawson

TheFeed loves when we get our hands on some cool gadgets, so here's our take on Samsung's NV7 and NV10 digital cameras...

Samsung NV7 & NV10
Available: Now
Price: $349.99 & $299.99 MSRP

Samsung may be more well known for their HDTVs, but their latest success may be found in their top-of-the-line digital cameras, the NV Series.


  • "Smart Touch" buttons make menus a breeze
  • NV7s Optical Picture Stabilization feature
  • NV7s 7x optical zoom
  • NV10s compact size
  • NV10s 10.1 mega pixels
  • Pleasing appearance and compact size of both


  • Flash on both NV7 & NV10 overpowering
  • Optical Picture Stabilization requires additional processing time
  • Red eye occurs frequently as a result of flash
  • No support for Mac

Loaded with features such as Optical Picture Stabilization and Advanced Shake Reduction technology, the NVs are wrapped in sleek black casings and well-endowed with 2.5-inch LCD screens for easy viewing. Of the five models available in the NV series, TheFeed grabbed the NV7 and NV10 with the expectation that their appeal would entice both the novice photographer and those looking to go all paparazzi on their subjects.

Our first impression of the NV7 was that it felt as though it was cut from a solid block of metal. Capable of taking 7.2 mega pixel images with a resolution of 3072 x 2304,  the NV7 has a unique feature that is only offered on two of the five NV series cameras, an actual 7x optical zoom. This handy zoom feature is made possible by the cameras lens, housed in a lens casing that protrudes from the body of the camera.  While the NV7 lacks a retractable lens and doesn't quite work for the pocket-packing photographer, Samsung makes up for it with easy accessibility to a ton of built-in features.

Tired of pressing arrow buttons to scroll through features or photos one-at-a-time? So was Samsung! Taking a bite out of Apple's book with the invention of the scroll wheel, Samsung has created their very own "Smart Touch." Smart Touch involves a series of thirteen buttons framing the bottom and right hand side of the 2.5-inch LCD screen. By running your finger over the buttons, one can move through hundreds of photos or make available a number of functions or setting options. Both the NV7 and the NV10 include "Smart Touch," which we found to be a very efficient timesaver when looking to change settings on the fly.

Another unique feature to the NV7 is Samsung's "OPS" or Optical Picture Stabilization. The OPS prevents blurring from shaky hands or subject movement, allowing for a clear resolution and, ultimately, a better picture. We put this technology to the test with some of TheFeed team and found it to work well, but it definitely takes some getting used to.  Ironically, due to the additional time it takes for OPS to process, we missed some great photo-ops.

Smaller in size, but packing an even higher 10.1 mega pixels with a resolution of 3648 x 2736, the NV10 will have nerds whipping out their pocket protectors and replacing it with this beautiful digital camera. With a 3x optical zoom, the NV10 excels with an accelerated focus and shutter time. Both of these features keep your finger at the ready to grab the next shot instead of reviewing after each shot is taken. As standard in the NV Series, the NV10s use of the Smart Touch buttons made menu access very easy and the pre-installed effects even more fun to use. 

While the NV7 and NV10 both include many of the same features, we found that they shared another thing in common: red-eye. The flash on both of the cameras is located in a pop-up housing directly above the lens. Despite it being angled upwards to diffuse the flash, it became a game to see if we could keep the camera from releasing the flash from its housing so as not to make everyone look demonic. Under proper lighting situations this was not a problem, but knowing that we would have to turn to the red-eye tool in the included software was frustrating.

Included with both of the cameras are a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, a wrist strap, a USB 2.0 cable, AC-to-USB converter, a CD-Rom featuring Digimax Master and drivers and their respective manuals. The included software, while not Photoshop, was very intuitive and capable for minor adjustments of fixes. The minor detail, if you could call it minor, is that Digimax Master is not compatible with a Mac.

Overall, TheFeed found both the NV7 and NV10 more suitable for casual photographers. Despite the red-eye, the NV7's 7x optical zoom and the NV10's compact size and bonus features make them must-haves for TheFeed in 2007.


Video:  Check out Wil and Olivia as they stop, click and shoot with Samsung's NV10 digital camera



Samsung NV7 & NV10 Digital Cameras


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