'Payback' Gets Some, Well, Payback.


Posted April 26, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

You remember Payback, don't you? The movie in which Mel Gibson was reportedly going to be this bad-ass anti-hero who you rooted for, even though he was a bad guy? Came out in 1999? Yeah, well, it's been remade...sort of. The deal is that the original film was taken out of first-time director Brian Helgeland's hands and made more palatable for the Hollywood mainstream (read: Mel Gibson was made to be likable and charming). In 2005, Paramount found some extra money for Helgeland to go back and re-cut the film from the original, and do it the way he'd always intended.

The result is a film that's a whole lot more gritty and, many would say, more watchable than the first, watered-down version. There's more action, a whole lot more tension, and a significantly increased body count, all on Gibson's tab. We're thinking that they don't have to concern themselves with making Mel a more likable fellow these days, since everyone's seen his underbelly. Still, this could be a fun film to watch, and an excercise in what happens when good films hit the studio system.

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'Payback' Gets Some, Well, Payback.