2k Football To Feature Old Players, Rush


Posted April 26, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

So Electronic Arts owns the license to the NFL, as well as the names and likenesses of all their players... where does that leave competing football game companies?

  1. Making games like Blitz that try to make football all gangsta and outlaw but mainly disappoint.
  2. Making games like All-Pro Football 2K8 that feature classic players from the real game and a soundtrack featuring Rush.

We're excited. As lovers of everything old-school, we can't wait to control the likes of Johnny Unitas and Dick Butkus as well as putting together a roster of the classics of old-timey, leather helmet, smashmouth football playa's from way back in the black and white days. Over 240 duffers are yours to choose from.

Sadly, the game does not allow us to play as Red Grange, the Galloping Ghost, who has the coolest old timey sports name ever. Get on the ball and include the ghost, 2K. Luckily, the customize-a-player option should allow us to create a rough approximation.

Also, the soundtrack features re-mixes of older tunes, including Tom Sawyer by Rush. We threw in that factoid because our boss loves the Rush. Go figure, eh?

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2k Football To Feature Old Players, Rush