Reason #4273 You Should Password Your WiFi


Posted April 23, 2007 - By Dana Leahy

People are smarter than TheFeed generally gives them credit for. Apparently, people who have been doing naughty things over their WiFi internet connections, such as file sharing and/or trading illegal child pornography, have been purposely leaving their wireless access points (WAPs) open, so that if they ever got caught, they pin the bad stuff on possible "leachers."

Not so says the US Court of Appeals, who just upheld a conviction of a man from Texas charged with distributing child pornography over his network.

The case went a little something like this. Dim the lights please and pay attention to the following filmstrip which is playing in TheFeed classroom. A Yahoo! member sent an IM containing the picture of a naked child from an IP address registered to one Javier Perez in Texas. When the FBI found out (they are so watching you!), they raided Perez's apartment and found a CD-ROM containing more porn pix. He was charged and subsequentially sentenced.

However, Perez appealed saying that his WiFi network was open and that the IM name was actually registered to his roommate. This did not satisfy the court, who upheld his sentence of more than 4 years in jail.

What's the moral of this story? Don't traffic in child porn. Oh and don't think that not passwording your WiFi network will allow you to escape the wrath of the US government.

Ars Technica: Child porn case shows that an open WiFi network is no defense

Reason #4273 You Should Password Your WiFi


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