DARPA Making Threat-Sensing Binoculars

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Posted April 12, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

DARPA is TheFeed's very most favorite government agency. Founded in 1958, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency not only invented the intenet (sorry, Al Gore), they also funded and conducted many years worth of research on Psychics, empaths and other esoteric psuedo-sciences. Anything to win that Cold War.

Adding to its list of awesome projects, DARPA is developing threat sensing binoculars. Here's how they describe it:

The final objective of the DARPA CT2WS program is the development of prototype soldier-portable digital imaging threat queuing systems capable of effective detection ranges of 1-10 km against dismounts and vehicles while simultaneously surveying a 120-degree or greater field of view (FOV).

Er.. in English, the 'nocs will tap directly into the soldier's brain, quickly alerting soldiers to potential threats (the idea being the brain picks up on patterns faster than the conscious mind realizes).

They're even called "Luke's Binoculars" after everyone's favorite Jedi.

Sure hope DARPA isn't using any of their bizarre technology on citizens of the United States! Only evil-doers, pls.

Wired: DARPA to Build Star Wars Binoculars

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DARPA Making Threat-Sensing Binoculars


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