Pete Doherty: Boy Toy


Posted April 2, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

It’s official: God has a funny bone.

I mean, how couldn’t he? Why else would anyone on Earth want to make a toy out of Babyshambles frontman/Kate Moss boyfriend/all around f---up Pete Doherty?

I mean, no kid in their right mind would wanna play with a doll of a guy who makes Gollum look like Justin! And no real rock fan would buy a toy on a band no one actually likes. And no human being would wanna put money into the pocket of a drug addicted no-talent loser, right? So…um…who exactly is the audience for this item?

Yet, despite being slammed by anti-drugs campaigners for glorifying illegal drug use, Fishy Toyz is going ahead with the toy and even equipped it with a cute lil’ little crack-pipe that lights up when pressed to the mini Pete's lips along with other accessories such as cigarettes, a miniature guitar and a syringe.

Neat, huh?

So since the public couldn’t be crying out to add this to the grand ol’ pop culture toy collection landscape, then it must be God!

Why God?

Because he’s funny! I f****in’ told you that already, a-hole!

Monstersandcritics.com: Doherty-doll makers slammed

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Pete Doherty: Boy Toy