Sugar Powered Batteries, Sweet!


Posted March 26, 2007 - By JLawson

Just a spoon full of sugar makes more than the medicine go down...

That's what researchers at St. Louis University in Missouri are hoping as they have been working on a way to power electronic devices such as a laptop or cell phone with fuel cells using sugar as a means of energy. These sweet batteries "could potentially last up to four times longer than conventional lithium-ion batteries."

While one might wonder how you are going to find that well-timed sugar buzz needed to power back up, all you have to do is look to the trees. With funding from the military, the research is intended to be able to use things such as tree sap to give your electronics the jolt of life.

Now all they need to do is develop a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor so we can all power up our Flux Capacitors with some good old garbage.

Whoa, that's heavy....

Engadget: Sugar fueled batteries could power portable electronics

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Sugar Powered Batteries, Sweet!


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