Here Come The Best Movies EVER!


Posted March 8, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

The season of the terrible movie ideas has just thrown itself WIDE open with the announcement that there will not only be a film version of Robosapien, but also a film based on the life of the Burger King. Yes, that Burger King.

I would like to officially decree that anyone who pays to sit through what will essentially be a two-hour BK commerical deserves to be shot in the face by manatees on the way out of the theater.

Seriously, what's next? The Wal-Mart Smiley Face Movie? Easy Button: The Next Chapter? Grimace: Man Of Purple, Man Of People? These are terrible times, people. We let ourselves get pushed and pushed and we keep going for it until the entertainment we used to treasure is no longer recognizable. DON'T GO to these movies, and maybe, just maybe, they'll get the picture.

Cinematical: The 'Burger King' Will Have His Own Movie ... Sigh

Engadget: WowWee announces Robosapien: the movie

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Here Come The Best Movies EVER!


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