Jimi Hendrix: Still Drinkin’

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Posted March 7, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

The family of deceased guitar god Jimi Hendrix has filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday over the use of his name to market a brand of vodka. Hendrix Electric Vodka is packaged in purple-tinted bottles and has Jimi Hendrix's face and signature above the label.

They claim that companies owned by Seattle businessman Craig Dieffenbach used trademarked material to market Hendrix Electric Vodka and other products, calling nthe promotional campaign was a "sick joke" because Hendrix's death in 1970 was tied to alcohol consumption.

"We are greatly concerned that there may be a perception that Experience Hendrix has, in some way, authorized this sale of vodka," said Janie Hendrix, Hendrix's adopted sister and chief executive of Experience Hendrix, in a statement. "As a matter of strict policy, we have never promoted an alcoholic beverage."

Dieffenbach said the lawsuit has zero legal basis because a 2005 federal court ruled that Experience Hendrix does not own the rights to Jimi's name and image, only his music.

Oh, snap!

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Jimi Hendrix: Still Drinkin’