FCC To Strictly Regulate TV Violence


Posted February 16, 2007 - By Eugene Morton

There’s about as much sex on network TV as there is in your grandparent’s bedroom (assuming that your aging, senile ancestors don’t do it much anymore), but to make up for it, we reasonable adults have plenty of violence to watch… for now.

The FCC is looking to change all of that and it believes it can do so without violating the first amendment. The commission recently issued a report that sites several studies which indicate that violent programming has the potential to cause "short-term aggressive behavior in children."

It’s using the report to pressure congress to create a law which will give it the power to ensure that all programming featuring excessive violence be moved to hours when it’s likely that children aren’t watching.

Whether congress is able to pass the law or not the issue at this point. The networks have done everything they can, short of showing non stop re-runs of Leave it to Beaver in prime time, to protect children and simultaneously not neglect their demanding adult audience, and though some members of the FCC are reasonable and have stated publicly that it’s ultimately up to parents to protect their children, it seems that their uptight, watchdog brothers and sisters just can’t accept that.

Yahoo News: Report urges FCC to regulate TV violence

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FCC To Strictly Regulate TV Violence


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