The Blind Say Hybrids Are Too Quiet


Posted February 13, 2007 - By Yodapollo

It’s become hard to find anyone who is willing to speak out against low-impact, eco-friendly hybrid vehicles. Pretty much everyone agrees that they’re a good idea. But, look out, Green America. Here come the Blind!

The National Federation of the Blind recently announced concern over a new Maryland state law, requiring more hybrid vehicles. The NFB point out that while saving the environment is cool and everything, these new hybrid cars are a menace to anyone who is visually impaired.

Chris Danielsen of NFB said, "For blind people we use the sound of traffic not only to determine when to cross the street, but to navigate, and hybrid vehicles are silent."

However, before we all start weighing our options (the world’s blind people vs. the world), rest assured that all is not lost. The NFB isn’t calling for a reduction of hybrid vehicles, or even for the stabilization of hybrid quantities.

They just want hybrids to be louder.

This would appear to be a reasonable request, and I think I may have the answer to our problems. Ladies and gentleman and blind people, meet the Whistle Tip.

Wjz.com: The Blind Say Hybrid Cars Could Endanger Lives

The Blind Say Hybrids Are Too Quiet


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