Muslims Don't Like 'Bad Guy' Thing


Posted January 25, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Muslims are pissed off because Western filmmakers don't like them. They're tired of being portrayed as villains in our films, and want, just once, for there to be a Muslim good guy. According to a study, 62% of Muslims feel that the media is 'Islamophobic,' and 14% go as far as to call the media racist.

We better do what they say, or else they will kidnap our dignitaries, wire our historical landmarks and bridges with explosives, or take Harrison Ford's family.

To be fair, though, anyone who's not white and completely non-ethnic is portrayed in the gross majority of Hollywood films as either a bad guy, or someone with questionable morals. Because it's a backwater world we live in, kids, at least where Hollywood is concerned, and to have a hero that's not an archetype that 'middle America' can deal with is just not done.

Your penalty? You must watch this. And tell me this kid isn't a born Republican senator.

Yahoo! News: Muslims complain of Hollywood "bad guy" image

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Muslims Don't Like 'Bad Guy' Thing