Blimpies To Spy On You


Posted January 22, 2007 - By JLawson

Next time you look up in the sky, be sure to smile and say "cheese!"

With all of the satellites in space peering into the nooks and crannies of the Middle East and North Korea, the eggheads at homeland security realized that there was no one watching our own borders.

Enter Lockheed Martin and their HAA or High Altitude Airship project, which takes the shape of the Goodyear Blimp to a ginormous scale.

At a production cost of $40 million, the HAA will be roughly 17-times the size of our favorite sporting event blimp and powered by solar panels. Sitting for a year at a time in a geocentric orbit 12 miles above the earth, the HAA will be able to use high-resolution cameras able to watch 600 miles of the US...think the distance "between Toledo, Ohio and New York City."

Um, yeah....

If the prototype goes as planned, 11 HAA's will be flying over the border of Mexico....I mean the US...

Engadget: Lockheed Martin to build High Altitude Airship for homeland security

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Blimpies To Spy On You


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