Ted Nugent Kicks America’s Ass


Posted January 20, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Things not to do at the inaugural ball to kick off your second full term in office as Governor:
1. Wear a yellow suit
2. Talk about your love of porn in your acceptance speech
3. Invite Ted Nugent to play

But that’s exactly what Gov. Rick Perry of Texas did last Tuesday night. Needless to say, as per usual, the guitar and crossbow weilding Motor City Madman appeared onstage wearing a cutoff T-shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag and shouted offensive remarks about non-English speakers using machine guns as props.

Of course, he did! He's THE NUGE!

"I think it was a horrible choice," GOP strategist Royal Masset said. "I hope nobody approved it."

But somebody did approve it. And his name rhymes with "Dick Berry."

"Ted Nugent is a good friend of the governor's," Perry's spokesman said of the conservative hunting and gun-rights advocating rocker. "He asked him if he would play at the inaugural. He didn't put any stipulation of what he would play.”

No word yet as to whether Unlce Ted played “Stranglehold,” but one can only hope…

Yahoo.com: Rocker's inaugural act creates stir

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Ted Nugent Kicks America’s Ass


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