'Warcraft' Player Reaches Lvl 70


Posted January 17, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

"Burning Crusades," the World of Warcraft expansion, has only been out for a day, and there are reports of a player having reached level 70... and he's French, proving once and for all TheFeed's assertation that the French are better than Americans at everything.

Gawell, a mage on Europe's Archimonde server played by Gullerbone, achieved the highest possible level after 28 hours of playing the expansion. His Guild helped him out. He'd tag MOBs and his pals would kill 'em. A grueling grind for 10 levels and bang: Highest level player on earth, leaving Gawell the ability (maybe the obligation) to gank everyone on his server.

"Eeet wuz a, how you say, group effort," Gullerbone did not tell TheFeed while he ate a croissant. "Viva la France!" he did not add after turning off WoW to attend a Luc Bresson film festival.

For the real deal on how Gullerbone achieved his feat, here's an interview.

I can't help but be a little disappointed at this news. I mean, 28 hours of grinding is all it took to reach level 70? Letdown!

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'Warcraft' Player Reaches Lvl 70