Erik Estrada Lets The Vulgarity Fly

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Posted January 8, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Do not, I repeat, do not call Erik Estrada by anything other than his given name. A man who was stabbed in the leg during a domestic disturbance called him Emilio Estevez during the shooting for Armed and Famous, in which Estrada is actually made a cop and allowed to deal with real time crime situations, and Estrada unleashed a stream of profanity that would make your grandmother cry.

Apparently, the argument also included Martin Luther King, and the fact that Estrada doesn't have any street cred when it comes to civics. You know, up until now, I thought that this was the dumbest idea for a show to come down the pike in a long, long time, but now that I know that Estrada has the kind of imbalance that really turns reality shows into gold, I might have to admit I was wrong.

No word on whether or not they will be keeping the tirade in the broadcast. One can only hope.

Yahoo! News: `Officer' Estrada trades obscenities

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Erik Estrada Lets The Vulgarity Fly


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