'Wolf Fighter' Aims to Rid Idaho of Animals


Posted January 5, 2007 - By mbretz

“There's only one way to manage wolves in Idaho, and it's to get rid of them.”

These are the words of hunting outfitter Ron Gillett, a man consumed with a kind of utter disdain for wolves not seen since Mick McAllister and the Dragons. The Associated Press-described “self-described wolf fighter” is leading the charge to convince Idaho voters that their state would be better off if its wolf population were eradicated.

The state government of Idaho began introducing Canadian grey wolves into the state in 1995 after the animals had approached extinction due to over-hunting. A decade later, the wolves are thriving and, according to Gillett, are eating too many elk and livestock.

Ron’s proposed final solution to the wolf problem calls for the removal of, “all wolves reintroduced into Idaho from Canada to the extent allowed by law.”

Gillett needs to collect over 45,000 signatures by April of next year to get the initiative allowing for his dream of state-sponsored lupicide on the November 2008 ballot. He has vowed not to rest until Idaho is free of the Lupine Scourge.

Now, if we’ve learned anything from Napoleon Dynamite, it’s that Idahoans are gang-busters at running political campaigns. In fact, TheFeed has obtained an early design for the sloganeering T-Shirts that everyone will be wearing to support Gillett’s cause celebre:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: New effort to banish wolves from Idaho

'Wolf Fighter' Aims to Rid Idaho of Animals


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