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Posted January 3, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Filled with crushing defeats and stirring victories, 2007 has been one of the most awesome years since your mom invented the Julian calendar is 1088. Who could forget the way Nancy Pelosi and her adorable Democrats took over the congress and vowed to spend their first 100 hours creating legislation? And who doesn’t remember where they were when Gerald Ford was buried? And how about USC’s stirring victory over Michigan in the Rose Bowl? Those were, as they say, the days.

With the weight of history on our shoulders, TheFeed is proud to present the following best of 2007 list:

Best Video Game:  Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol

2007 brought a tough choice for Best Game between the winner and runner-up, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller for the DS, but in the end, singing along with our American Idols won out over whatever Yu-Gi-Oh is.

Best Film: The Cleaner

The nation is in love with Cedric the Entertainer! His wit and girth has taken the lower 48 by storm and he didn’t even need to flash his self-addressed stamped envelope (like some people we know) to get our attention. This was definitely the movie of the year, if not the century. And man, that Lucy Liu is hot! WOWIE ZOWIE! She hasn’t aged a bit!

Best CD: Carly Simon (Into White):

Our nation sings along to the stirring melodies of Carly Simon. Who would have thought that Carly Simon, one of our moms’ favorite vocal performers, would have come out on top?

Best Comeback: Carly Simon

Where have you been, Carly Simon? Thank you for coming back.

Man of the Year: Mannequin Stealer

This dude might go to jail for life for stealing mannequins! How much does that rule?

Body Part of the Year: The Core.

The core has had a really good year. With the rise of Pilates, yoga, yogalaties and the AB Lounge, I think we can all agree, strengthening your core was the move in 2007. By the way, what’s a core?

Best Television Show of the Year: Knights of Prosperity.

Wait, they're going to rob Mick Jagger? My sides hurt!

Best Gadget: The PC

The one on my desk. That I'm typing into now. It's useful (I can check my email) but also, fun (I can play MineSweeper). This was by far the best gadget of 2007.

Best Viral Video of the Year: (Tie) Dick Clark counting down to 2007 and Tara Reid counting down to 2007.

They can't count too well, and that warmed our nation's heart.

Biggest disappointment of the Year: Global Warming

You really let us down, Gobal Warming. It's cold as hell in here. Jeers to you.

Trend of the Year (Tie): Presidential deaths/that year-long frigid cold.

Biggest Surprise: None to speak of.

TheFeed's Best Of 2007


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