McDonald's Fussy Over Trans-Fats


Posted December 26, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

If McDonald's has its way, soon many Americans won't be able to fit through the Golden Arches.

Around the country, state goverments are starting to ban trans-fats, the kind of fat found in fast food that is the most harmful to humans. This is a huge change considering that most of the industry's most beloved recipies rely on this type of fat for its pattented flavor. McDonald's is looking for any loophole that might let them get around the bans, while trying to test out trans-fat free recipies.

Why not just modify the recipe to make it safer for human consuption? McDonald's thinks Americans will demand a tasty french fry filled with harmful fat.

I'm waiting for the day when they have to make doorways bigger to accomodate the massive globs of uselessness people will become. And the day when the term "trans-fat" refers to airplane travel.  

UPI: McDonald's May Bend Trans-Fat Bans

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McDonald's Fussy Over Trans-Fats


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