Bill Gates Becomes DRM Outlaw


Posted December 15, 2006 - By JLawson

To sum up the life of a man who began his career by stealing other people's ideas, one just has to read this recent quote...

"People should just buy a CD and rip it. You are legal then."

That's right, Bill Gates himself has pretty much tossed in the towel not only on DRM or Digital Rights Management, but on the Zune. At a recent event in Redmond, Washington, Bill Gates stood before a crowd and made this somewhat surprising statement.

While Gates is a very smart man and extemely business savvy, it appears he might have forgotten one little thing....ripping CD's, by the RIAA's standards, is technically illegal. Plus, is it my imagination or wasn't there a recent Microsoft MP3 player that hit the market a month ago, the Zune, and a certain music download service to boot.

Gates not only concedes to the poorly received Zune, but also to the future of Microsoft's Marketplace in the face of the restrictions that the record companies have placed upon the digital music market.

Put it this way, if you get caught for ripping some CD's, just tell 'em Bill Gates told you to do it.

A lawsuit in the making or a frustrated dictator in the last throes of a failed digital music coup....to be continued...

Engadget: CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XXI : Gates tells consumers to ditch DRMed tunes, buy CDs

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Bill Gates Becomes DRM Outlaw


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