Fake Viral PSP Site Hits Web


Posted December 11, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

Oh, Sony. What are you doing?

Your handheld system is better than the Nintendo DS. Seriously--better graphics, more powerful computing, ability to show movies, everything. If you want gamers to buy a PSP, make some good games and we'll be on it. I promise. But this website just isn't the way to get people to purchase your game.

Everything about Sony's fake viral site (alliwantforxmasisapsp.com) is sad: The fake youtube rap and metal odes to PSP, the unbearably lame 'leet-speak, the assumption that all gamers are idiots "who think itz teh cool when u writez lyk thizz," and worst of all, that we're supposed to swallow the idea of a universe where kids (sorry, "kidz") are desperate to get their hands on a PlayStation Portable this Christmas. It's almost lame enough to be funny*...almost.

It's like your mom read fark for twenty minutes to prepare to talk to you about drugs.


*Unless I'm wrong, and the whole thing is a parody of a corporate viral marketing site that's intentionally lame...then it's on a whole new level of awesome.

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Fake Viral PSP Site Hits Web


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