Man Killed Over Warm Beer


Posted December 5, 2006 - By mbretz

You may remember that, some weeks back, TheFeed reported that St. Louis had been named as the MostDangerousCity in the United States. At the time, we weren’t totally convinced. We’ve all seen Four Brothers and know that that kind of stuff goes on all the time in Detroit, so we figured Motown was a shoe-in. But now our doubts are slowly but surely disappearing.


You see, in The Lou, not only can you be killed for wanting Jesus but, apparently, you can also expect to be shot several times for offering someone a warm beer.


That’s what happened on Sunday, when police say a St. Louis woman shot her 70-year-old husband four to five times in the chest after he offered her a warm can of Stag, part of the fine family of Pabst Brewing Company beers. To be sure, anyone who offers someone a warm beer deserves a mild ass-beating. No one’s disputing that. But no one deserves a torso-full of lead for a simple lapse in etiquette.


It’s saddening to know that something as simple as a beer cozy could have prevented this senseless crime. That’s why, in the interest of a safe and happy holiday season, we hope you’ll check out this experiment done by the folks over at myscienceproject.org. It’s full of interesting observations and real-world tests of a wide spectrum of cozies.


Study it well. The life you save may be your own.


STLtoday: ST. LOUIS: Warm beer led to killing, police say

Man Killed Over Warm Beer


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