Christians Protest 'Left Behind' Game


Posted November 29, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

You can't win for losing with Christians sometimes. You write a series of successful potboiler novels about the Rapture, where all the Christians fly away to heaven and the sinners are left behind to fend for themselves, then have it made into a successful straight-to-DVD movie starring Kirk Cameron, then you spin that into a RTS videogame that's both getting decent reviews and (presumably) saving the souls of videogame heathens all over the world... but do you think Christians are happy and like, "The Left Behind books/movies/videogame are an awesome way to spread the faith!"

Nope. A lot of them are angry.

Rev. Tim Simpson, a Jacksonville Presbyterian minister and president of the Christian Alliance for Progress, and other liberal Christian groups are protesting the game because they feel Left Behind distorts biblical prophecy while promoting religious intolerance and violence. Simpson also took the videogame to task for its distortion of Biblical scholarship.

In Left Behind, gamers conduct military and spiritual warfare, use prayer to strengthen troops, recover ancient scriptures and control various unit types such as prayer warriors, hellraisers, tanks, spies and special forces. Players can also assume the role of the Antichrist's Global Community Peacekeepers to fight the good guys, the Tribulation Force.

Sounds like awesome!

GameDailyBiz.com: Christian Coalition Attacks Left Behind Game

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Christians Protest 'Left Behind' Game


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