US Thwarts Russians Pirates!

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Posted November 29, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Russia recently agreed to close down AllofMP3.com, and any sites that “permit illegal distribution of music and other copyright works” as per a recent agreement with the U.S. of friggin’ A!

This pact to fight content piracy was struck November 19 and posted ton the Office of the United States Trade Representative website. In the agreement, Russia is instructed to terminate leases for companies that facilitate online piracy, as well as inspect plants regularly, and take criminal action where there is evidence of commercial sale piracy.

Man, I hope this doesn’t mean all my favorite Russian piracy sites are next. What will I do without Russianpiratelove.com, Fromussiawithloveofpiracy.com or mp3sforfreecourtesyofrussia.com?

People.aol.com: Russia Agrees To US Request To Shut Down AllofMP3.com

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US Thwarts Russians Pirates!