PS3 vs 360 - Project 8 Fight


Posted November 23, 2006 - By juster

Dearest Feed Readers... we've played Tony Hawk Project 8 on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 now, and thought it might be interesting to share a few differences between the two versions with you.

To be clear, we're console agnostic here on TheFeed - we love videogames for what they are - pure fun. TheFeed does not care if a game is on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or Commodore 64.  We're here to have fun and crush our enemies.

Let it begin.

PS3 vs. 360
I've mostly beaten the game on the PS3 version (made it to Tony's Project 8 team, but not all the way to number 1), and have gotten about 1/3 of the way thru on the 360. 

Tony Hawk veterans will love it, probably the best Tony Hawk game to date.  X-Play's review will be out soon, you can read it for the general review in a few weeks.  This is more about comparing the two consoles for the sake of making one or both sets of fanboys cry.

You'd think with all of the professed power of the PS3, and the fact that you can plug it into your fantastic HDTV with HDMI cables, that the PS3 would pwn the 360 in this category.  It doesn't.  Not by a long shot.  The game is adequate looking on PS3, but generally dissapointing when you know what's under the hood of that sleek, black, $600 George Foreman Grille.  The framerate is atrocious for the most part, not unplayable but not what you want out of a next-gen system.

Having an extra year of consoledom under its belt seems to help the 360 here.  The graphics are sharper and cleaner, and there aren't nearly the same framerate issues as with the PS3.  Throw in the fact that you're stuck with component cables (no HDMI available yet for 360) and you have yourself a clear winner.

Graphics Battle Winner - 360

Some people may have mocked Sony for not making any significant design changes to its legendary Dual Shock controller outside the inclusion of SIXAXIS (which i guess always needs to be in all caps?).  Well, if it ain't broke.... don't f**k with it. 

Tony Hawk was born on and for the Dual Shock, and plays much better and easier than the 360.  This is probably more to do with the equal placement of the analog sticks and the more easily pressable (yes, i'm making words up now) shoulder buttons.  I found SIXAXIS more gimmicky than useful here, but i'm sure some games will come out soon that feel more natural with this new physical level of control.

Control Battle Winner - PS3

Both sounded great.  As always, the team at Neversoft did a fantastic job capturing sound for THP8... and again they cranked out a fantastic soundtrack filled with old punk classics, new hip hop crap (if you like that sort of thing) and other great tracks to get your skate on to.

Maybe I listened to way too much rock and roll in my youth, but I can't hear enough of a difference between the two to pass judgment.

Sound Battle Winner - Even

Sorry Sony, but this is where you fall down and go boom.  No online?  Seriously?  The Tony Hawk franchise was the first to give Sony the Great Online Bear Hug... to not have this launch title with any online options is a laughable and embarassing gaffe.  You should have made Activision hold the title until it was ready, much like they did when the 360 first launched.

Given the PS3 versions complete lack of online makes this easy.  The 360 online package includes leaderboards on every challenge (which is awesome), lots of standard Tony Hawk mulitplayer games (which are great), plus a few new ones including a brilliant Tron-Lightcycle knock off which is loads of fun

Online Battle Winner - 360

The Tony Hawk franchise, in all honesty, has always been better on the Sony consoles.  This  time around, however, not so much.  The framerate issues and lack of graphical polish hurts the PS3 version, and while its controller isn't as well suited as Sony's, the 360 wins this Console Flamewar hands down.

Overall Console Flamewar Winner - 360

We're looking forward to playing some other cross-platform games in the near future... in the meantime, have any of you out there played the same game on both 360 and PS3? 

Curious to hear about the differences in Madden in particular.

Either way, have a great Thanksgiving, Feed Readers.

PS3 vs 360 - Project 8 Fight


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