The Wiicap


Posted November 23, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Will those puns ever get old? I don’t think so.

In this post, I’ll be wrapping up all the exciting news about the Wii, giving you a brief look at the pros and cons of the console and linking you to all the news and reviews of the best next gen system on planet.

I’m not biased at all, btw.

When Nintendo first announced that they were going to join the next gen console race, they slowly began revealing details about the Nintendo Revolution. As E3 2006 approached, the suits announced they were changing the name of the console to Wii.

“But why change a great name?!” the internet erupted. At first, the new name seemed like some sort of foolish Engrish-type marketing misstep, but then fanboys had the chance to handle the system at E3, complete with the truly innovative Wiimote. Suddenly, the name Wii just made sense—the system was fun.

There were no intimidating technical specifications or rumors about development falling behind, just unadulterated motion-sensing Wii fun. After E3, the PS3 was the smelly, snotty nerd kid no one wanted at their D&D table. Meanwhile, the Wii was that hot chick in your math class who was sort-of-totally-into-videogames-I-like-Grand-Theft-Auto-but-I-don’t-do-the-missions-I-just-shoot-people-and-steal-cars who inexplicably liked to talk to you.

Up until and right through the launch, the Nintendo Wii has kept its positive buzz, while the PS3 rollercoastered up and down the track of failure and acceptance. Everyone is still really excited about the Wii and here’s why…

Reasons why the Wii rocks:

Although not as graphics intensive as the other next gen gaming consoles, the Wii still looks great and makes up for its lack of horsepower with the interactivity of the Wiimote.

The Wiimote, arguably one of the greatest advancements in gaming ever. Super sensitive and reactive to your motions, you can play tennis by flailing your arms and knocking into your friends or alone on the couch flicking your wrist (and you’re already really good at sitting at home on your couch working your wrist, right?).

Just like the iPod is the pinnacle of cool in the Mp3 player world, the Wii is the hipster of gaming. It looks sleek, stylish and small, fitting in well with a cutting edge living room designed by your metro friend at Ikea.

The Wii is social, but without being annoying. This system is definitely designed for parties, with the ability to host up to four players at a time. Plus with WiFi, it’s easy to interact with other players around the world without all the strings of a more hardcore gaming system. While many of the games obviously lend themselves to the lighter side of gaming sensibilities (Many of the titles come with mini-games that are just fun to play with the remote for the hell of it.), the Wii also presents some appealing serious offerings like Call of Duty 3.

And the final reason? One word: Zelda.

Reasons why the Wii rocks less:

There have been some reports of problems with a start up disk that wasn’t included in some packaging. This ended up being a shipping/retail problem and not an issue with the actual system though.

The wrist strap. There have been so early reports of the wrist strap on the Wiimote snapping. This led some people to send the controller flying into their very expensive televisions and cracking the screens. Two lessons here: One, that will teach you for buying an expensive TV before me and two, How hard is it to grip something in your hand and not let go? Hold on to your fu*$ing Wiimotes, retards.

Here’s a round-up of all the latest Wii news:

Missed Your Wii/PS3?

Guy Breaks TV with Wiimote

Wii's Online Service Launches

Wii Launch - The Anti-PS3 Experience

And finally, if you don’t believe all my fangirl bullshit, please watch the X-Play game reviews below. It should clear up any and all hesitations you have about the Nintendo Wii being the most awesome, life changing experience of your life.

And f*&k you for not believing me in the first place, jerks!

Excite Truck

Rayman Raving Rabbids

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Wiicap


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