Exclusive: 9 Questions With Pitbull

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Posted November 21, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Exclusive Interview With Pitbull

Miami based reggaetón rapper Pitbull is lighting up dancefloors around the country with his new album El Mariel. Of course, I wouldn’t know because I am a nerd and can’t dance to save my life. But my hipper friends assure me that Pitbull is quite hip and all the rage. Incredibly, he’s a nice guy too, as he accepted an interview request from the whitest man on planet earth, me. I got in nine questions, baby, so read away…

TheFeed: Tell me about your new album. What can we expect from it?

Pitbull: El Mariel is basically a display of Pitbull, how diverse the movement is, and the versatility behind the music. It’s like a roller coaster ride; you got your street anthem, club anthems, you got emotional records, deep records you know, records for the women of course, and as far as the production on it, you got Lil John, Diaz Brothers, Pharrell. Mr. Collipark, DJ Toons, Jim Jonson and more. As far as features, you got Fat Joe, Bun-B, Sinful, Lengua Afuera, Wyclef, Vybz Cartel, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Ying Yang Twins, so there’s a variety of music on it.

TheFeed: Tell me a little bit about the Miami scene. I’m from L.A. How’s it different?

Pitbull: For one, in Miami, we stay open till noon! You all only stay open till two. And for two, there’s a lot of energy in Miami. It’s a very sexy city: hot, very humid, and lot of energy. That’s why everybody makes their hit records in Miami. Everybody’s that’s dropped a hit record this year, I’ll bet you it was made in Miami. Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland. Timbaland’s new sound -- the up tempo, doing kinda crazy things -- I can bet my money if you ask him in an interview, he’ll tell you it’s Miami based. Because the clubs there are different, the women are exotic, beautiful, sexy, so when you see them dancing to certain records, believe me, it might open up your mind.

TheFeed: You often talk about your love for the Latina girls. How are Latin ladies different than girls from other cities?

Pitbull: Latin women are just very sexual, very sexy, you know? Everything they do, the way they dress, the way they dance, the way they make love, the way they cook for you. I mean, everything’s done with a lot of passion. So that’s why I think a lot of men are attracted to Latin women. When they make love, it’s passionate, you know? Everything’s very passionate.

TheFeed: So I remember growing up in the early ‘90s and hearing a lot of early Latin hip hop, like Mellow Man Ace, Cypress Hill and Kid Frost. What’s the difference between Latin hip hop and reggaetón?

Pitbull: I mean, as far as reggaetón goes, reggaetón’s the same beat over and over again. It’s called “Dem Bow.” Reggaetón is good music to dance to; it’s loud, very energetic. I think it hit its peak and it’s sorta leveling out right now. As far as hip hop, the reason that hip hop continues to grow is because hip-hop is not just music, it’s a form of life. Like, you grow up on hip hop. You live hip hop. Neighborhoods, you represent, maybe the clothes you wear, that’s hip hop. As far as reggaetón, unless they create another new fusion with a different beat, it’s just going to keep on doing exactly what it’s doing now. It’s just going to be on cruise control.

TheFeed: What kind of music did you grow up on?

Pitbull: I think the reason you see so much versatility behind me and my music is because I grew up on Salsa, Merengue, bachata, then you have some freestyle era, Stevie B, Debbie Deb, Lisa Lisa, TKA, then you have the 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan era, and bootyshakin’ era. And then you have hip hop, Snoop Dog, Biggie, Jay-Z. Very influential. Trick Daddy was also influential in my career. So when you get all this music together, that’s where you get the melting pot of music that I put into this album, El Mariel.

TheFeed: What kind of music do you listen to that would surprise fans?

Pitbull: Umm, right now in my car, I’m listening to the Gnarls Barkley album.

TheFeed: What kind of rock music does Pitbull listen to?

Pitbull: Rock music? Eh… I’d say Creed.

TheFeed: What, when you were a kid, what kind of videogames did you play?

Pitbull: I remember on Nintendo, one of my favorite games was Ninja Gaiden. I liked games where you had to go to different levels and finally beat the last guy. So that’s why I loved Ninja Gaiden so much. But I was never really into videogames. I was more into just being out in the street and playing basketball.

TheFeed: Anything you want let your G4 fans know about?

Pitbull: El Mariel it’s in stores now. I’d highly appreciate it if you all go grab that. And everybody that’s a fan of Pitbull, I really appreciate it, because without the fans, there’s no Pitbull, there’s no movement at all. So thank God. Check me out on myspace.com/pitbull too. Other than that, I appreciate it.

Exclusive: 9 Questions With Pitbull


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