Wii Launch - The Anti-PS3 Experience


Posted November 19, 2006 - By juster

The Wii launch Saturday night at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles was a joyous, happy and lighthearted affair.  Not one spec of desperation or anger.  No one got shot.  No one fought.

It was the anti-PS3 launch.

Last night reminded me why we love video games.  One thousand people were in line playing Mario Kart DS with complete strangers, talking excitedly about which games they'd buy and just having a good time. The Wii itself inspires this kind of glow.  Its just flat out fun to play and to watch other people play. 

I'd be surprised if many (if any) people in line will end up putting their Wii's on eBay.

Now in Sony's defense, they're not responsible for the goons that made their launch lines ugly.  But they are responsible for creating the desperate hype that lead to all of the horrible things that happened Friday.  And I'm sure they don't mind the press.  I wouldn't either if I were them.

So that's that.  Happy people being nice to one another, playing games and not being elitist a--holes.  Crazy.

As a side note, even though we weren't filming anything there, I've never seen so many random G4 employees in one place.  All of them excited and smiling, just like everyone else.  Even cable television's own Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira were there... to buy a Wii like the rest.

So dear Feed Reader, did you attend any launch events this weekend?  We're curious to know how your experience went.
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Wii Launch - The Anti-PS3 Experience


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