Meet The $25,000 PlayStation


Posted November 17, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

The line waiting frenzy for PlayStation 3s is still in full swing in some parts of the country (like here in Cali, ferinstance) but eBay is starting to sag with the weight of the auctions.

The most expensive auction on ebay right now is for twenty-five thousand dollars. Look:

You might be thinking: "It'll never happen," but check this out:

a $9000 sale of PS3, completed and paid for.

All the sudden, my attitude of "I have more important things to do than wait in line for 3 days!" seems kind of stupid.

Once the rich, divorced Dads realize they can't waltz into Best Buy on December 20th and pick one up in a desperate effort to win the affection of their children, we'll start seeing some real CASH.

Anyway, check out all the amazingly expensive PS3s here.

NINJA EDIT! Looks like a $30,000 offer was made on a PS3. By a bidder with no history and no feedback. Sounds suspicious to me...

NINJA EDIT 2! The 25k eBay auction was pulled!

Meet The $25,000 PlayStation


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