Singaporean Shatters Texting Record


Posted November 13, 2006 - By Yodapollo

Don’t be fooled. We really do live in a world where no record is sacred. That was proven this weekend when Singaporean student Ang Chuang Yang shattered the world record for texting on a cell phone. Mr. Yang shocked the world by entering a 160-character message into his phone in 41.52 seconds, shaming previous world record holder, American Ben Cook, whose top texting speed was 42.22 seconds.

Following the contest, Yang stated that next year, he would be aiming for 39 seconds. Must I ask it? Is nothing sacred?

In response to last weekend’s super-human feat, I’ve put together a few facts to give all of you some sense of placement.

Other Things That Can Occur in 41.52 Seconds:

--John Mosciatta, Jr. (Micro-Machines man) reads aloud the entire Gettysburg Address… Twice!
--Michael Johnson runs approx. 430 meters! (That’s nearly 4 and a half football fields!)
--I could be almost halfway to microwaving a burrito for dinner.

So now, with a little perspective, I think we can all appreciate what a truly astonishing feat Ang Chuang Yang has accomplished.

Tiger. Bonds. Yang.

It is truly an amazing time to be alive.

Pocket-Lint: Singaporean beats Guinness World Record for fastest texting


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Singaporean Shatters Texting Record


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