Sony's LA Launch Party For The PS3


Posted November 9, 2006 - By JLawson

Who would've thought that a gaming system could bring out so many stars in one night?

That's right, yours truly managed to swindle his way into Sony's Los Angeles launch party for the Playstation 3...and what a party it was!

As I strolled down the red carpet I saw Kaz Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, holding up three fingers and smiling ear to ear. Was he giving the finger in some new form of sign language, maybe even a subtle Wii-got-here-first reference, but in the end it was the undeniable sign for the world that the PS III has arrived and is ready to kick some next-gen ass.

From there, I walked into what used to be the Robinson's May of Beverly Hills, one was transported back in time to the 1940's. Decked out in 40's garb, hair-do's and white glove treatment, the only way to differentiate between past and present were the Sony 1080p HD LCD's, the PS3's, of course, and the hotties wearing thin strips of cloth some might call a dress.

I'll get back to the stars and hotties shortly...First though, the PS3 and some hands-on time.

Sony laid the entire floor plan out with about 20 PS3's loaded with their launch titles including: Resistance: Fall of Man, NBA '07, Sonic The Hedgehog, Fight Night Round 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, MotorStorm and Tony Hawk's Project 8. Jumping in when possible, I got some time with Resistance, Sonic and Motorstorm.

I have to preface that playing these games on a Sony 42-inch HD LCD using HDMI almost made the party in itself....almost. The new SIXAXIS controller is not much different than the PS2's, as it retains the same shape, but what it lacks in new design, it makes up in its motion sensing system and awesome wireless connectivity using Bluetooth. The best experience that I had with the SIXAXIS was playing Motorstorm. Riding a motorcycle, you find yourself leaning to the right, taking corners faster than you should and then it strikes you...you are leaning the controller to the right and the in-game character is following your every move. Sounds simple, but doing jumps and pulling back on the controller added that much more to a game that was pretty straightforward. I will say that although Resistance has some amazing graphics, Motorstorm took advantage of the new Cell Broadband Engine by producing smoke and dust trails unlike anything I have ever seen outside of movies.

The other games, true to the next-gen stamp of approval, looked beautiful. Oh and did I mention the ladies?

The bright glow from the HD LCD's let loose a feast for the eyes as every room was filled with more hot stars than the Hollywood hotspot, Hyde, can pack in on its busiest night. The list of names could go on for quite some time, so here are the highlights: Paris and Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Stacy Keibler, Anna Faris, Christina Milian, Arielle Kebbel, Katharine McPhee, The Carter Sisters, Lacey Chabert and Willa Ford. I can't express how hot these girls were, so instead I differ to Yahoo! who has a great gallery of who's who at the event.

Oh and did I forget to mention who also showed up for a perfomance like no other...D-I-D-D-Y. At 11pm, the lights dimmed and beats started to flow as Diddy, fka P. Diddy, aka Sean "Puffy" Combs, strolled on to the stage with a "Where the f*$k is my PS3!!" to kick off a 1 hour performance. I have to admit this part gets hazy as I heard the music, but couldn't stop watching Paris Hilton and Stacy Keibler gyrating on the dance floor, separately that is. Can you blame a guy?

As the party died down, the drunk got drunker and the rest of us snagged some swag and hit the road. Would I say it was one helluva way for Sony to kick off the PS3...hell yeah! Would I say that I got more time on a PS3 than most of you will get come launch day...unfortunately, yes.

Good luck hunting one down, I know I'll need it.

Sony's LA Launch Party For The PS3


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