Time Magazine Sees the Lite


Posted November 8, 2006 - By Eugene Morton

America is in peril! We’ve become divided along the lines of race, class, gender and political viewpoints, but fear not. In our darkest hour, we will see the light! At least, that’s what the folks at Nintendo are probably hoping.

Time is currently letting its website's vistors vote on the magazine’s annual “Gadget of the Year Award” and the DS Lite has earned a spot in the running. It’s competing against great tech gadgets like the Palm Treo 700w, the Nike and iPod Sports Kit and the MacBook Pro.

Now I ask you, shouldn’t the gadget of the year be judged based not only on its technical specs but on its ability to unite us as people? Is cool factor (and the DS Lite is pretty damn cool) and gigs of RAM more important than togetherness? Sure, you could get in shape with the iPod Sports Kit (we could use it America, we’re getting a little hefty, collectively speaking) and yes, with a wireless card and an internet hotspot, you could use the MacBook Pro to connect with your friends in Des Moines, Iowa, but could you use it to play co-op games with them? I think not. Okay, maybe you could, but that’s not the point.  

The point is this, the day has come for the readers of Time to stand up and make a decision that will affect our children and our children’s children for decades to come. The time has finally come to choose 2006’s Gadget of the Year and the DS Lite must be chosen... for the good of America! It’s time for us, as a country, to remember our values and traditions and next to fresh baked apple pie, nothing is more traditionally American than importing consumer electronics from Japan. 

1up.com: DS Up For Time's Gadget of the Year 

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Time Magazine Sees the Lite


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