The Sexiest Pastor Ever!


Posted November 3, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

Reveling in the misfortune of others is part of TheFeed's unique alternative lifestyle, so today's news of  the disgrace of Colorado mega-church pastor Teg Haggard fills us with great joy.

Haggard, a leading religious conservative, stepped down from his pulpit (and presidency of the National Association of Evangelicals) after accusations were made by a male prostitute that Haggard had been paying for sex with men on a monthly basis and taking methamphetamines.

Like Ted's flock, the congregation of the New Life Church, I am intensely religious; I attend services and pray daily that Cthulhu will rise from his watery grave in the sunken city of R'lyeh and enact his unspeakable revenge, so I have no problem with people practicing their religion of choice. And I have no problem with gay people either. Some of my best friends...etc.

But when you're a huge supporters of anti-gay marriage legislation because you worry that gay unions will destroy the institution of marriage, and at the same time you are (allegedly) cheating on your wife with hustlers and doing crank, the problem isn't your ideology as much as your hypocrisy.

The acting senior pastor of the church, the awesomely-named Ross Parsley, told the press Haggard had admited to some of the accusations but declined to say which ones.

Just for fun, here's a transcript of a voicemail purported to be Haggard buying drugs (via boingboing):

"Hi Mike, this is Art. Hey, I was just calling to see if we could get any more. Either $100 or $200 supply. And I could pick it up really anytime I could get it tomorrow or we could wait till next week sometime and so I also wanted to get your address. I could send you some money for inventory but that's probably not working, so if you have it then go ahead and get what you can and I may buzz up there later today, but I doubt your schedule would allow that unless you have some in the house. Okay, I'll check in with you later. Thanks a lot, bye."

Denver Post: Pastor takes leave amid allegations of gay sex

The Sexiest Pastor Ever!


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