Bible Toting Youth Gunned Down


Posted October 31, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

(Written in the style of H.P Lovecraft for Halloween.)

The city of St. Louis' reputation has always been hopelessly intertwined with those twin devils of vice and murder. It is a morass of sound and filth, where policemen despair of order or reform and seek rather to erect barriers protecting the outside world from the contagion of the city's degenerate residents, one of whom, 17-year-old Roger Holyfield, seemed overwrought with religious hysteria yesterday, and thus met his untimely demise at the hands of those same beaten constables.

Against the squalid backdrop of odour and decline that is St. Louis, Holyfield (whose names seems particularly fitting given his beliefs) confronted officers holding a Holy Bible and repeating the phrase "I want Jesus."

Unresponsive to the entreaties and threats of the gathered officers, Holyfield wandered the darkened streets, lost in an eldritch daze of delusion and madness, repeating his mantra: "I want Jesus."

Left with little choice, the police employed an electrical stun gun on the youth, who fell shuddering and convulsing to the ground. He later died in a hospital, his injuries proving far beyond the healing abilities of the doctors on hand.

The official reports make no mention of the following, but if you brave the cursed street where the youth lived and ply his shifty-eyed neighbors with gin, they may reveal facts about the months leading up to the lad's death.

There is talk that the boy had murdered an antiquities dealer and had come into possession of a strange book filled with Arabic runes, geometric diagrams, and ancient drawings of creatures half man and half goat. They say strange whistling noises emanated from Holyfield's room; that hunched men in black coats sometimes gathered in the night beneath his apartment, staring at his window but never speaking.

They say the child's death was a much kinder fate than any his life had in store.

BreitBart: Police Stun Gun Kills Teen With Bible  

Bible Toting Youth Gunned Down


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