'BattleField 2142' Comes With Spyware


Posted October 17, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

According to TheShack message board, EA's Battlefield 2142 comes equipped with mandatory spyware:

"When you open the box, a big slip of paper falls out first, preceeding any discs or manuals." posts EvilDolemite on the message board. "The slip of paper says, essentially, that 2142 includes monitoring software which runs while your computer is online, and records 'anonymous' information like your IP address, surfing habits (probably via cookie scans), and other 'computing habits' in order to report this information back to ad companies and ad servers, which generates in-game ads."

Hmmm... no mention of the exciting in-game advertisments in EA's press release, which says stuff like:

"Battlefield 2142 supports online multiplayer for up to 64 players in the classic Conquest mode and up to 48 players in the new Titan mode, which challenges gamers to use teamwork to destroy their opponent’s Titan, a massive flying battleship, while defending their own.  The game also features a deep new persistence system, with more than 40 ranks, from Recruit to Supreme Commander.  Players can also customize their soldier with more than 40 unlockable weapons and gadgets for upwards of 1,000 possible combinations to match any play-style."

EA is really innovative with interesting ways of gaining revenue!

The game is out today for PCs.

The Shack

'BattleField 2142' Comes With Spyware