Attention Bears: Do Not F*$k with Idaho


Posted October 16, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Anyone who complains that you never hear about the thousands of people each year who defend themselves and their loved ones with firearms, this story is for you...

...you and all the bad ss, motherf*&$ing baby sitters from Idaho who have the balls to shoot a 422 pound Brown Bear that wanders into their backyard, endangering the lives of three innocent children!

Three tender, suculant children were outside playing when a large, scary and hungry brown bear lumbered into the Idaho backyard. The creature was lured by the sweet, sweet scent of bar-b-que. The tots alerted their Aunt/get-away-from-her-you-bit*h/baby sitter/as* kicker who was inside to the bear's presence by screaming "Bear! Bear!"

The quick-thinking woman ushered the children inside and grabbed a 7 mm hunting rifle (obviously). When the bear started clawing at the backdoor, the woman opened the door and shot the bear twice, instantly killing it.  

Ok, shooting, not the best part. The best part is that the baby sitter won't even get in trouble because A: she's awesome and B: she has a valid Idaho bear hunting license.

I give this about five minutes before PETA starts blaming Doom.

MyWay: Idaho Baby Sitter Kills Black Bear

Attention Bears: Do Not F*$k with Idaho


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