David Lynch’s Empire Strikes Black Nov. 6


Posted October 16, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

The onslaught of incredible-looking films that seem to be being swept under the rug continues.

First Mike Judge’s Idiocracy gets released with no publicity or marketing whatsoever. Then Terry Gilliam’s Tideland gets quietly released in New York to even less fanfare. Now, info on the surprisingly low-profile but seemingly very dark new David Lynch (Blue Velvet, Eraserhead) film Inland Empire has leaked.

Inland Empire stars Laura Dern as two characters, Nikki and Sue (shades of Mulholland Drive perhaps), plus Jeremy Irons, Harry Dean Stanton, Diane Ladd, Nastassja Kinski,  William H. Macy, Julia Ormond, Michael Paré, Mary Steenburgen, and Naomi Watts, who will provide the voice of a talking rabbit (!!!).

The film took two and a half years to finish, and was shot on digital video. According to IMDB, the plot centers around “married actress Nikki, [who] is offered a role in a motion picture which is to be directed by Kingsley (Irons), Nikki's co-star is called Devon (Theroux). Nikki's role is Sue, Devon's is Billy, but they end up winding into bed with each other. They're calling each other the names of their characters in the movie. From here on, it is impossible to tell if Nikki is actually Nikki or Sue.”

One fan that saw the film at the Venice Film Festival says it’s “David Lynch's definitive work. It's everything he has ever wanted to put into a film and it's completely free from anyone else's taming influence. The film is suffocating, dark and endless yet paradoxically contains some of the director's funniest and lightest scenes. Do not expect the mystery of this film to be solved, but expect it to be finished. Do not expect your head to understand the resolution but expect that your heart and intuition will.”

Another described it film as "a plotless collection of snippets that explore themes Lynch has been working on for years," including "a Hollywood story about a young actress who gets a part in a film that might be cursed; a story about the smuggling of women from Eastern Europe; and an abstract story about a family of people with rabbit heads sitting around in a living room."

Okay, then...

Let's hope this one makes it into more than a handful of theaters when it's released in November.

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David Lynch’s Empire Strikes Black Nov. 6


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