Dr. Hofkin's Weekly 'Lost' Round-Up


Posted October 12, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

Dr. Hoffkin is back with a bunch of theories after watching Lost last night.

As always this post will be filled with spoilers about last night’s episode, so please don’t read it if you haven't tuned-in.  Also if you’d like to leave questions in the comments section I’ll be responding to them throughout the day.

Last night’s episode, "The Glass Ballerina," focused on who I previously thought were two of the most boring survivors on the Island: Jin and Sun. 


Throughout the previous seasons, we’ve seen most of the survivors exhibit their dark sides, and Sun and Jin are no exception. Last night's episode was all about the Korean couple, and we learned that they aren't the one-dimensional, perfect, demure people we thought they were. 

  •  Sun – Is cheating on Jin and drove a man to suicide
  •  Jin – He’s an enforcer for Sun’s father, Mr. Paik, but both times we’ve seen him on a “mission” he’s shown compassion and let the person go.  He’s also came home with blood on his hands in one flashback, so does this mean that at one point he will lose control?
  •  Kate – She’s a killer; is this why the Others are working her so hard?
  • Sawyer – He’s a Con-man that’s ruined people’s lives; is this the reason that he is doing manual labor with Kate?
  •  Lots of other’s have a dark past; like Sayid, Ecko and Anna-Lucia (thank God she’s been killed off)

Speaking of Kate and Sawyer doing manual labor, who were the other people out their moving rocks?

  • Were the other workers surviors from the Tail Section?  
  •  Were they Others that are being punished?
  •  Or were they just part of the big “song and dance” that the Others are putting on?

Last episode and last night we learned Others have some sort of contact with the outside world.  But my theory is that they can only receive information.  Let’s say that the Others have some sort of super-satellite and they can receive a news feed or channels from around the world.  They would know about the Boston Red Socks, Bush being reelected and Christopher Reeves dying. 

The Oceanic Flight 815 crash would have been huge news, and local stations would have probably run stories about the people on board. This is how Juliet could have known that Jack was a doctor and where he worked.  They know that he’s violent and strong willed because they’ve been watching the survivors. 

This could explain why Collen (the lady that got shot) did not believe that Sun would shoot her; she didn’t know any “real” info on Sun. I still think they got all their full names from the plane’s passenger list.

It's almost too much for us to believe that the Others have full access to files and background checks on the Survivors.  I guess that’s the simple answer, but Lost has never taken the easy way out.

Who is the father of Sun’s baby?  Last night we were meant to believe that Jae Lee is the father, but with how the flashbacks work, we’re never sure of the timeline.

Speaking of Jae; his hotel room number was 1516.

One of Christian Shephard’s (Jack’s father) favorite quotes was; “That's why the Red Sox are never gonna win the Series” this is when he was talking to Jack about fate.  Is this why Jack was so shocked about the Red Sox winning?

Is there a third group of people on the Island?  What are the Others so scared of?  Why would they have all this surveillance equipment? I’m pretty sure at this point that Dharma and the Others are not the same group of people.  This summer in the Lost Experience we saw a video where one of the heads of Dharma told a group of new recruits about injecting a tribe in Africa with some sort of “medicine.” My theory is that the Dharma Initiative injected the Others as children and they are dying but the healing factors of the Island are keeping them all alive.

Did anyone else find it strange that the Others were able to board the sailboat without getting wet? 

What’s the deal with Sayid?  He sucks at everything he does.  He’s supposed to be trained in the military and he knows how to interrogate people but he can’t do anything right. What information did he get out of Sawyer? What did he get out of Ben “Henry Gale” Linus? Which one of his plans have actually worked? 

Since I’m complaining about characters, why is it that Kate always seems to be in front of a gun?  Every time that someone actually has a chance of taking on the Other’s someone grabs Kate and holds her hostage.  I thought she was a badass?  This is getting old.

Anyway, stay tuned. We'll be back next week with another round-up, and if you have any comments or questions, leave 'em below. We'll do our best to answer.

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Dr. Hofkin's Weekly 'Lost' Round-Up


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