Bad Snack Review: Spotted Dick


Posted October 12, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

TheFeed Super-Awesome Adventure Team And Wild West Stunt Show think it's pretty funny to eat bad foods and tell you about it. We call it Bad Snack Review. Today we're choking down Spotted Dick.

Steve: Nothing can convince me that foods with suggestive names aren't hilarious. I'm immature like that. Witness the Cock Soup review and this amusing photo:

But the can of Spotted Dick almost cost me my job.

See, I ran into Attack of the Show's Layla Kayleigh in the halls here, and, knowing she's from Great Britain, the home of the Dick, I almost asked: "Hey, Layla, wanna come over to my desk and eat my Spotted Dick?"

Luckily I thought the better of it and instead just watched her walk by, thinking "Someday, I'll talk to her."

Anyway: The bottom line on Spotted Dick:  For cake in a can, it doesn't taste bad. It's kind of mushy and cakey and raisen-y. If you didn't have teeth (and I don't) it would rule. 

I gummed a couple of forkfuls and sat back and relaxed...only with the passage of time did the true awful of Spotted Dick hit me. The aftertaste haunts your mouth like a vengeful Japanese ghost. It's tangy and vaguely metallic, and it won't. wash. out. EVER.

I can still taste it. Blech! (spit spit)

Frank:  Much like in my personal life, I refused to eat the spotted dick..

Mike: It wasn’t much different than eating a fruitcake, which isn’t that pleasant. There was some sort of preserved fruit involved in it. Also, it was cake in a can, which is pretty unusual, even for England. Also also, why would you go out of your way to call something Spotted Dick? That’s just asking for it.

Dana: Leave it to the British to turn something with the main ingredients of flour, sugar, raisins, and more sugar into something bland and unholy. Thanks for this and the Spice Girls you stupid as* holes. Spotted Dick? More like Spotted Suck My D*ck.

Bad Snack Review: Spotted Dick


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