Lee Jeans Ads Too Sexy For Australia?


Posted October 5, 2006 - By mbretz

It takes a lot to raise the collective eyebrows of the island nation of Australia. We’re talking about a place where they throw Little People across the room for sport, after all.

That being said, the Lee jeans company has succeeded at riling up the Aussies with their latest ad campaign that some contend veers a little too close to the realm of kiddie-porn. The so-called “Lolita” ad poster (pictured) has come under fire for its soft-core hallmarks and awesomely-clever innuendo (you see the lollipop she’s licking?! There’s a double-meaning!! I know, I didn’t believe it, either.), not to mention the youth of the subject and the creepy guy with the camera in the mirror. (The "creepy guy in the mirror" is internationally renowned, artistically-creepy photograher Terry Richardson. Ed.)  

That said, Australia’s Advertising Standards Board has ruled that the poster is not in violation of any… well, advertising standards.

According to the board, “the woman is over 18, is fully clothed in attire that is fashionable amongst young women for summer, and… there is no nudity *.”

If that’s not enough justification for you, the board went on to state that the “consumption of this style of lollipop is now common amongst people over 18.”

So it seems that the only question left is whether the company’s beloved advertising icon, Buddy Lee (also pictured), would approve.

TheAge.com: Lee’s Lolita OK, board rules


* No nudity? Not exactly. We didn’t spend 10 minutes in Photoshop altering this image for our health.


And if people thought that poster was bad, we can’t wait until they see the rest of the campaign. If you’re old enough to consume certain types of lollipops, check out the rest of shots for yourself:

adland: Lee trying the Calvin Klein kiddie porn campaign down in Oz

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Lee Jeans Ads Too Sexy For Australia?


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