Georgia Nut Tries To Ban Harry Potter


Posted October 4, 2006 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Laura Mallory, of Loganville, Georgia, spoke in front of the local board of eduction, asking for a ban on the Harry Potter series, calling them "evil," and saying that they were an indoctrination of children to become Wiccan.

This lady is a nut job.

First off, there's nothing evil about being Wiccan. It's a worshipping of the Earth and the elements within it, and, if she were to do even 30 seconds worth of of research, she would realize that Wiccans preach the "do as ye will but harm none" doctrine. Seems a heck of a lot less evil than other radicals of every stripe, either worldwide or here at home.

Second, if this were an indoctrination manifesto, as she claims, there would be literally millions of new Wiccans in the world. How many do you know? I'm a leftist liberal from "the land of fruits and nuts" and I only know about four. In Georgia, they're pretty safe from Wiccans and their evil "let's be nice to everyone" dogma.

Also, this is the same school board who banned funding for Spanish language literature, before the higher courts found them to be racist, and reversed the decision. It might not be a bad idea for these kids to read about someone with a heart accomplishing something.

Plus, what book is more an indoctrination into any religion ever than The Bible? Why not ban that, as well. Oh, and Macbeth, because it has witches in it. Why not just let the kids read tracts all day and watch reality television all night.

That should prepare them for the real world.

Yahoo! News: Ga. mother seeks Harry Potter ban

Georgia Nut Tries To Ban Harry Potter


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