'Saint's Row' Extra Content Available Now

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Posted September 29, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

Saint's Row fans: Break out your micro-Visa to make some micro-payments. There's a slew of new clothes and accessories for your digital dress-up doll...oops, I mean "totally hardcore gang-banger avatar."

Here's the list of what's available on Xbox Live Marketplace:

Fake Tuxedo Shirt
Short Sleeve Tropical Shirt
Spiked Leather Jacket
Leopard Skin Underwear
Tiger Stripes Underwear
Leather Chaps
Crazy Bunny Slippers

Samurai Helmet
Eye Patch
Skull Ring
Row Medallion
Saints Row Wrist Band

Full Spikes
Curly Gent Mustache
Ladies Man Mustache
Split Goatee
Sharp Edge Mutton


I tried the demo of Saint's Row, and it wasn't to my liking, so I called on resident SR fan (and Trek 2.0 mastermind)  Eugene Morton to get his impressions.

Sjohnson: So, Eugene, what do you think of the new Saint's Row outfits?

Eugene: Some of it is pretty cool...

Sjohnson: Are you being honest with me?

Eugene: No.

Sjohnson: What do you think of the leopard print underwear?

Eugene: I can't wait to go out just wearing that.

Sjohnson: Isn't that sort of fruity? 

Eugene:  it's not kind of fruity. It's very fruity.

Sjohnson: How much do you charge for a Mustache Ride with the "Curly Gent Mustache?"

Eugene: My usual rate is $5, With the senior citizen's discount it's 50 cents. Unless you're family, then it's a dollar.

Sjohnson: That's a complicated pricing structure! What's the difference between playing dress-up with dollies and dressing up your Saint's Row guy?

Eugene: My homies from Grove St. won't kick my ass if I dress up my Saint's Row avatar.

Sjohnson: I might kick your ass for being a nerd.

Eugene: I know.

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'Saint's Row' Extra Content Available Now


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