3-Year-Old Buys Pink Nissan On eBay!


Posted September 26, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

A 3-year old named Jack Neal recently bought a pink Nissan Figaro for nearly $16,000 on eBay.

It seems while lil’ Jack’s mother's back was turned, the tyke jumped on the computer and scored the whip.

"I had just come off the computer and I thought I had logged off, I came out of eBay," his mother Rachel of Sleaford, England said. "Jack jumped on the chair, (went) straight in, found the page and bought the car."

He can’t read, apparently, but knew that clicking on that shiny “Buy Now” button would surely lead to good things.

The Neals first heard of the sale when they got an email from the auto dealer, who thought he had made his first Internet sale.

Luckily for them, the dealer has a kid too, understood what happened, and said he will not hold them to their purchase.

I’m not sure what blows my mind more: that a toddler was able to figure out how to buy a car on eBay, or that Nissan makes a pink Figaro?

FoxNews.com: 3-year-old boy buys pink Nissan on eBay

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3-Year-Old Buys Pink Nissan On eBay!


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