Prostate Exams To Suck Less


Posted September 21, 2006 - By mbretz

In addition to proving that medical science and technology firms have by far the most awesomest company names around, Envisioneering Medical Technologies is set to find out the answer to the age-old question: If you build a better prostate-examination apparatus, will the world, in fact, beat a path to your door?

The new technology, called the TargetScan 3D, scopes out a complete image of the prostate in one “take”, for lack of a better word, allowing doctors to leave the equipment stationary after, ahem, insertion. This is opposed to the current method, which requires the doctor to maneuver the apparatus around to get at your prostate from as many angles as possible.

Now, I realize you may be thinking “big deal” right now, but 10% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Which means 100% of men will require regular prostate exams as they get older. Which means, odds are, one day in the distant future, YOU will find yourself 45 years old and bent over the table in your doctor’s office ready for your exam.

That is when you will flash back to this moment and remember reading this item on TheFeed.

Then you will chuckle to yourself at the memory of the hilarious juxtaposition of the seemingly unrelated image we attached to the story.

Finally, you’ll experience a far-less unpleasant exam than your father could have ever imagined.

And hopefully you won’t have cancer.

STLtoday: New prostate probe does it all in 1 shot

Prostate Exams To Suck Less


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